Work for the Lord



Celestial Church of Christ, Bolton wishes to appoint a male/female Church Co-ordinator:


The main duties include:
· – To lead people to Lord Jesus Christ
· – Organize Conventions and Conferences to analyse and spread the Christian faith/message
· – Prepare time table of church services
· – Update church activities on Facebook, website and other social media
· – Organize training courses and set up Bible Classes for members
· – Provide spiritual and moral guidance and assistance to members
· – Prepare and organise Bible classes and  knowledge sharing sessions
· – Interpret doctrine, articles of faith of our religion/organisation
· – Instruct people who seek conversion to the Christian faith
· – Seek members welfare by phone and text
· – Provide counsel and welfare support to those in spiritual needs and comfort the bereaved and broken-hearted
· – Support the Pastor to provide daily Christian advice, general counselling, and prayers for members
· – Organize and oversee Christian educational events and programmes
· – Distribute Christian literature, audios, and visual aids and products and disseminates Christian message by other media communication
· – Establish and grow more Parishes of the church within the UK and other parts of the world
The position is open to Male and Female.
The applicant will be expected to work in our Bolton Parish assisting the Shepherd

Call :  07448997503/07956 271 390